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Distribution and Fulfilment

SCMS Associates have a broad range of experience of working in the ‘distribution warehouse’ sector and importantly, much of this has been gained whilst designing large scale high-end global distribution centres. We will assemble a team that can bring a unique range of skills to our projects to ensure that we identify and quickly resolve the important challenges that can present themselves.

SCMS Associates have previous experience of working in ‘distribution warehouse’ environments and as such will understand the importance of ensuring that the complex issues and procedures relating to such schemes are considered. We have previously worked on various ‘mid’ to fully ‘high’ end global developments across London and the UK. overseas.

Experience of High End Distribution Warehouse Developments

Our Engineers have significant experience on working on multiple distribution warehouse developments for high- end global distributors, one of our Directors successfully lead the MEP design and delivery of a significant amount of Amazon’s distribution centres in the UK.

Construction Planning/Phasing of Works

Generally distribution warehouse developments are constructed within very constrained and ‘busy’ environments and it is essential, therefore, that we can provide considerations to the phasing of the construction in our design works. We have a number of high profile projects where we have developed the overall phasing of the scheme to ensure our design work is commensurate with the surrounding environs

High Security Environment Considerations

SCMS Associates and its engineers have worked on a number of projects in the past which have ‘high security’ significance, most notably these include the Palace of Westminster in the Houses of Parliament, the UK wide Amazon portfolio and the new residential and retail developments adjacent to Wembley Stadium in Wembley Park and therefore, have significant experience of building security into our design. We are confident that we can provide significant added value to projects, if any elements of specialist security need to be considered.