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SCMS Associates have a broad range of experience of working in the ‘Commercial’ sector, importantly, a lot of this has been gained whilst designing high profile, city centre developments. We will assemble a team that can bring a unique range of skills to our projects to ensure that we identify and quickly resolve the important challenges that can present themselves.

SCMS Associates have previous experience of working in ‘commercial’ environments and as such will understand the importance of ensuring that the complex issues and procedures relating to such schemes are considered. We have previously worked on various ‘mid’ to fully ‘high’ profile developments across London, the UK and overseas.

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CCTV Hub, London Borough of Hounslow

Project Value: £2.5million


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Lifeline Building, Valence Avenue, Dagenham, London

Project Value: 5.0million

Client: Lifeli...

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388 Old Kent Road, London

Project Value: 1.5million

Client: Podium...

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Judd House, Old Street, London

Project Value: £5.0million


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27 Throgmorton Street, London

Project Value: £3.0million


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