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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

SCMS, due to our extensive experience in MMC construction techniques, are leaders both nationally and internationally in delivering modular developments, which has led to a detailed understanding of the principles of both design and procurement for projects utilising this method of construction. MMC developments ranging from low rise housing to taller towers in both seismic, arctic and marine locations globally have challenged how we develop each solution, and we are continuing to grow our MMC team to meet the expanding requirement for this method of construction

SCMS work with developers and other OSMs, working with other design teams for the design and delivery of modular projects around the world. Developed from our ongoing partnerships with modular solution providors, we have worked together to develop solutions for the residential and hotel industries working with some major developers both private and local authority to develop modular solutions for most scenarios.


SCMS have also been key in the design of many prototype building systems, both in the UK and overseas, with both sustainability and the modularisation of MEP systems as a major factor in their development. We have recently, in conjunction with manufacturers of a global standing, developed new approved connection devices that allow plug and play functionality both horizontally and vertically between modules for all of the MEP systems, including cabling systems.

We have an excellent relationship with a lot of MMC suppliers within the UK, Europe and beyond, developers, consultants, and local authorities.

Our relationship with some of the best modular Architectural and Structural Engineers and OSM's allows us to support R&D projects throughout Europe where we can test solutions and new concepts to ensure all the issues with modular delivery can be tested resolved and developed.

Collaboration and Communication

Our proposed service delivery teams put forward on all of our modular schemes contain very experienced engineers with particular emphasis towards expertise in delivery of modern methods of construction (MMC) and developments overseas, including the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Russian Federation and Europe with many of the region’s leading developers and OSMs operating on a global basis.

Our teams are headed by Accountable Directors, complete with key delivery personnel, who are managed/ co-ordinated via regular team meetings to share information and constantly ensure our Clients objectives are being met (in conjunction with close attention to budget cost management) and wherever possible, their expectations are being exceeded.

We have an excellent reputation and track record of working with both OSMs and Organisations. Clear lines of communication between all parties will be absolutely vital to the success of any project.

Our MMC Lead Stuart Cameron has been instrumental in the promotion and development of MMC techniques in building services for solving housing shortfalls and advises developers and local authorities alike, both in the UK and overseas. Stuart has also been part of the design team for many of the current modular MEP systems available today.

For further information contact Stuart for a chat or meet up

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