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Digital Engineering & BIM

Advances in digital collaboration technologies and practices present the most exciting developments in building design and development since the introduction of CAD technology.

These advances also represent a step change in the way design teams can work and collaborate. Central to these advances is the utilisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Utilising BIM helps the design team to improve co-ordination, reduce risk and provide improved data rich information at all stages of the project.

The co-ordination of the BIM model between the different design team disciplines enables all to gain a greater appreciation of each others disciplines during project design development, significantly improving collaboration and ultimately the delivery and quality of our designs.

Our BIM team is instrumental in further developing and implementing the SCMS Associates BIM Level 2 strategy and we are now currently preparing our Level 3 strategy.

We have significantly developed our use of BIM achieving BIM compliance Level 2 as a minimum. We have also achieved BIM level 3 compliance on some projects, where all drawing, scheduling and primary specification items were included within our models without deviation to any initial 2D drawing design. Collaborating with various information managers and clients to agree the Level 2 strategy and integrate in the wider project objectives we appoint our own BIM Coordinator to liaise with other disciplines and the wider supply chain.

In 2017, SCMS’s BIM team are now leading the development of the Level 3 strategy. Our experienced team has also worked with numerous developers, information managers, design teams and operators to develop first class solutions to support the BIM Level 2 delivery objectives. Delivering projects against these objectives, while developing Level 3 strategies to leverage improved Level 2 outcomes is our focus. Operators, developers, designers and information managers can all greatly benefit form SCMS’s input to their projects.

SCMS Associates working practices with information managers at BIM Level 2 have always ensured that collaboration extends beyond delivery, with the requirement for soft landings and the requisite for an operation BIM Coordinator to be involved through the plan of work for that specific project – starting with the end in mind and using the model as a basis to visualise and test the lifecycle solution at pre-construction stage. This is where SCMS stands out in an industry where there is normally a large gap between the delivery and operational lifecycles.

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