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St John's Road, Isleworth, London

Project Value: 18.0million

Client: Network Homes

Architect: Rock Townsend

SCMS Associates are working with Network Homes and Architect's Rock Townsend to provide the Stage 0-6 design services in respect of their proposed 80No. Mixed Use Residential scheme in Isleworth.

When completed, the development will comprise of multiple blocks of six and five storeys respectively, including the following:-

  • Affordable Rent Apartments
  • New London Living Rent Apartments
  • Shared Ownership Apartments
  • Private Sales Apartments
  • 544m2 Retail/Commercial Space
  • New all Electrical Reverse Cycle Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) providing Heating, Hot Water & Air Conditioning (if required)
  • Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) in each dwelling
  • External Services
  • New Fire Alarm services
  • New Dry Riser installations
  • New small power & lighting installation
  • New Sub-Station to Development
  • New CCTV & Access control systems
  • New IRS installation
  • New Smoke Ventilation installation
  • New Residential Sprinklers within all Plots
  • New Shell & Core Services to all Retail/Commercial Units.

As the London Boroughs now generally require 100% reduction (Carbon Neutral), which with traditional gas fired boilers/CHP and PV is practically impossible or not economically viable on smaller developments, SCMS have developed a heat pump based system, in partnership with a renowned leading brand, for St John's Road, which (including the incorporation of the potential of A/C) can achieve a minimum of 60% CO2 reduction, complete with the facility to achieve a full carbon neutral building (if required by the additional introduction of for example a small array of PV).